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Armadillo Salt's versatility knows no bounds. Whether you're grilling chicken wings, roasting vegetables to caramelized perfection, or spicing up a refreshing beer or michelada, this seasoning is your culinary ally. Its ability to complement a wide range of dishes makes it an essential tool in your kitchen arsenal, elevating everything from hearty comfort foods to light and refreshing creations.

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Our Story

Founded in 2021 by a team of food enthusiasts and seasoned culinary entrepreneurs, Armadillo Spice & Supply Co. was born out of a shared dream of food and experiences. Our founders' diverse backgrounds paved the way for a brand that doesn't just sell spices but embraces the culture, stories, and memories.

Located in San Marcos, TX, Armadillo Spice & Supply Co. combines flavors that embody the Hill Country essence. Our signature creation, Armadillo Salt, represents our commitment to innovation and flavor. This unique blend is a result of countless hours of experimentation and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

We at Armadillo Spice & Supply Co. invite you to experience the harmony of tastes that only the finest ingredients can provide.

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Armadillo Salt Recipes

Take your food and drinks to the next level with our Armadillo Salt


Armadillo Popcorn


Armadillo Fajitas


Armadillo Baked Salmon

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Local Community Support

Armadillo Spice & Supply Co. was founded with the goal of community support. Whether it’s water conservation efforts or supporting wildlife, a portion of our profits always goes back into our community.

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