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At Armadillo Spice Supply Co. we work hard to have high-quality ingredients that lead to exquisite flavors.

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Who We Are

In 2021 in San Marcos, TX, two food enthusiasts who share a love for culinary adventures began creating bold seasonings. At Armadillo Spice Supply Co., we are passionate about bringing the vibrant and diverse world of spices to your drinks and food. We believe that spices are the heart and soul of any dish, capable of transforming a simple meal into a masterpiece.

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Our commitment

Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and exploration drives us to source the finest spices, ensuring that every sprinkle, dash, or pinch elevates your cooking to new heights.

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Our Dedication

Our dedication to providing not just spices, but also a deep understanding of their origins, uses, and cultural significance, sets us apart as more than just a spice supplier – we're a gateway to a world of tastes and aromas.

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Armadillo Spice & Supply Co.

Exquisite Taste & Bold Flavor

Our seasonings elevate dishes and drinks alike. Contact our flavor experts to learn more!

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